Positive Effects Of Group Polarization

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Due to its history as a great colonial power, as well as its geographical location, Great Britain has been involved in numerous wars and conflicts throughout history. The British Empire, which was at is greatest in the 16th and 17th, stretched around the globe, and as the "Superpower" of the time, Britain wished to protect its interest by using the necessary means, which in many cases meant war. Also, Great Britain being located on an island, has made the nation prone to conflict as they have had to control the surrounding waters, enabling trade with Europe and the rest of the world. This has been true both in the Napoleonic wars, and for more recent wars, such as World War I and II. Being involved in prolonged wars, with the loss of large numbers of lives and …show more content…

Group polarization is the tendency to make more extreme decisions than the members initial thoughts. This phenomenon especially shows in wars because it links the parts together and contradictory thoughts and values surfaces even more. The group polarization that occurs generally has positive effects to the society and in this case, it greatly impacted the British society. The British people had the same intentions, and with that in mind, the internal political controversies usually decline. Another incident that occurred during and after World War II that shows how wars bring people together was Winston Churchill`s desire for a united society. Churchill served as prime minister of Britain through the World War II. He was popular among the British people and he is known for his inspirational speeches. At the general election in 1945, the conservative party, led by Churchill, lost the election. The result of the election was contradictory to almost all the polls and surveys done prior to the election. More importantly, this shows how wars gather people and impact the society. Accordingly, this shows how one can act remarkably different in groups than as

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