Positive Effects Of Juvenile Offenders

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Seventy percent of these youth are held in state-funded, postadjudication, residential facilities, at an average cost of $240.99 per day per youth.

Imprisoning youth can have severe detrimental effects on youth, their long-term economic productivity and economic health of communities.

Youth who are imprisoned have higher recidivism rates than youth who remain in communities, both due to suspended opportunities for education and a disruption in the process that normally allows many youth to "Age-out" of crime.

Detention: The holding of youth, upon arrest, in a juvenile detention facility for two main purposes: to ensure the youth appears for all court hearings and to protect the community from future offending.

Secure Residential
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In its first three years of implementation, the pilot sites diverted 382 youth from commitment, saved an estimated $18.7 million in costs, and lowered the number of commitments by 51 percent.

5 The Costs of Confinement New York - "Re-direct New York" In February 2009, New York State closed six youth residential facilities, downsized two, and closed three evening reporting centers.

17 Coinciding with state residential facility closures, legislators will introduce Re-direct New York, which would create a fiscal incentive for counties to utilize alternatives to incarceration rather than state-run residential facilities for youth or local detention facilities.

The county pays the state 40 percent of the cost of state youth confinement.

Three years after Act 148 was enacted in the late 1970s, there was a 75 percent increase in state subsidies for county programs; by the early 1980s, secure placements for youth dropped 24 percent.

In 2006, only 14 percent of committed youth were placed in state facilities.

19 California-SB 81 In 2007, as part of a budget "Trailer bill," the governor signed legislation that bans commitments of youth adjudicated of nonviolent offenses to state-run residential facilities.

22 6 The Costs of Confinement Conditions litigation can be a costly result of mass incarceration of youth "In the worst case scenario, crowded
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