Positive Effects Of Raising Minimum Wage

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Many people want the Government to increase minimum wage so they can earn more money. What they don’t understand is all the consequences that the impact of raising minimum wage would have on our economy and the poor people in society. Sure it would guarantee you more money but it doesn't have a positive effect on the people it is suppose to help. A minimum wage increase would force businesses to cut the unskilled workers forcing more of them into poverty, which will ultimately hurt them when the price of goods go up. Raising minimum wage forces business owners to reduce the number of jobs for the unskilled younger workers.This would be a problem due to the unskilled workers not getting the experience they need to advance up the ladder in that business. Also, It would be harder for these unskilled workers to find minimum wage jobs to get them the necessary skills they need to find a better paying job: “Raising the minimum wage reduces many workers’ job opportunities and working hours” (Sherk). Obviously it would benefit some of the workers, but the majority of the people it would benefit are the ones with work experience. “The higher the minimum wage is raised, the worse the effects on poor people” (Gould). Many business owners won’t have extra money to pay their employees, thus leading the business to fire the least skilled workers. This especially applies to small businesses that would go out of business if there was an increase in minimum wage. Ultimately it will come
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