Positive Effects Of Raising Minimum Wage

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What comes into mind when the thought of minimum wage occur? What do you think about the relationship between the raise of minimum wage and poverty? Does raising the minimum wage going to reduce poverty among low income family? These questions arise since 2014, if whether the us government should raise the minimum wage. Nowadays, the american wages has brought a lot of debate. Most authors have different perspective and approach about the idea of raising minimum wage. Therefore, the authors of article such as “Millennial Thoughts: Minimum wage and my take” by Will Perkins, “Reducing Poverty via Minimum Wages, Alternatives” by David Neumark and “What will a higher minimum wage do? Two new studies have different ideas” by Natalie Kitroeff. All of the authors talks about the effects of raising the minimum wage, the negative and the positive. While most authors agree that minimum wage should be raised, however, they differ when it come to the negatives effects that it will have to the economy. The raise of the minimum wage will have positive effects and improve the lifestyle of minimum wage workers. Perkins state “If you work full-time in America, you should be able to live here” Perkins believe that raising minimum wage will make minimum wage workers stable financially. He argue that most minimum wage companies are making a lot of money from minimum wage workers, he add that minimum wage workers also deserve to have a stable income to nourish their family and live a
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