Positive Effects Of School Uniforms

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A Positive Outlook on School Uniforms Prior to the 1990s, school uniforms were an asset to only private and religious schools across the United States. Over the past few decades, school uniforms have increasingly become adopted among public elementary, junior high, and high schools. In the 2009-2010 school year, 18.9% of schools in the United States required their students to wear a uniform as part of the dress code. With their growing normality among schools, much controversy has arisen from both parents and students alike. Many believe that school uniforms interfere free speech and one’s right to self-expression. On the other end of the spectrum, school board and faculty members provide a strong argument proclaiming that uniforms were created only to benefit students. Although many students are opposed to making school uniforms a part of their every day attire, uniforms are necessary to ensure that schools provide students with the utmost safest and positive environment. With the implementation of uniforms in schools, students will benefit from a decrease in gang-related violence, higher academic performance, and a decline in bullying incidents among schools. Gang violence and activity among the U.S. has grown increasingly over the past twenty-five years. As these numbers increase, schools have ultimately become affected. A study released by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse reported, “45% of high school students have gangs or gang members on their

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