Positive Effects Of Steroids

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If someone was told they could take a drug that would help them make millions of dollars a year, would they take it? This is a decision that many athletes from multiple sports have to ask themselves. Even amateur athletes consider turning to drugs to gain an “edge” on the competition. People from middle school all the way to the Olympic level have been caught using steroids. Many people such as bodybuilders use steroids to look more “attractive” According to Suzanne Levert, the author of Drugs the Facts About Steroids, two to ten percent of steroid abusers are teens (25). The will to win and look good pushes people to use steroids and performance-enhancing drugs. But many don’t
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The use of steroids also comes with many negative effects on the body. Steroids affect muscles and tissues in the body. When a steroid user stops their use of steroids they often lose muscle size, losing all their “gains” (Fitzhugh, 51). Use of steroids often make tendons and cartilage more susceptible to damage (Office of National Drug Control Policy, Steroids, 29). Athletes on steroids often over do it in training which can further damage tendons and cartilage (Fitzhugh, 20). Males users can start to develop breast tissue (Office of National Drug Control Policy, Steroids, 29). A side effect of hGH use is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome…show more content…
Depression and suicidal behaviour can be brought about from steroid abuse (LeVert, 47). Depression can last for up to a year because, it can take that long for some steroids to get out of a person's system. When a person stops or takes a break from using steroids their mental state can often immediately increase, “In the “off-cycle,” when the user stops taking steroids for a period to “rest” the body, there may be feelings of depression, tiredness, or powerlessness” (Fitzhugh, 46). Anabolic steroids are known to cause mania as well as irritability (Office of National Drug Control Policy, Steroids, 29). Not only can a person become manic they can also become hypermanic. When a person is hypomanic, they can also make unsafe decisions (Steroids, 28). In addition to mania and irritability antisocial behaviour is another mental side effect, it has been found that, “Nonmedical use of anabolic steroids has been linked with domestic violence, rape and other sexual assault, attempted murder and aggravated robbery (Fitzhugh, 43). Even laid back people on steroids can become hostile or aggressive (Fitzhugh, 43). Steroids can often affect a person's libido or sex drive, “With small doses, libido may increase. High doses of anabolic steroids do the opposite: they “trick” the body into thinking that it is producing too much male hormone” (Steroids, 25). A user could also get insomnia, which is a common side effect of
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