Positive Effects Of Video Games

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EFFECTS OF VIDEO GAMES What are the effects of video games? That is the question that comes to our mind if we or someone we know are playing video games excessively, like our friends. So today we will talk about the effects of video games, positive or negative.

So first, what is a video game? A video game is an electric that involves interaction with a user interface to generate visual feedback on a video device such as TV screen or computer monitor. So video games may have positive and negative effects. So first we will talk about the positive effects of video games. It gives our brain a real workout. It can enhance our brain to do problem solving and logic, games such as angry birds, cut the rope and etc., the games
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This requires the real-world player to keep track of the position of the character. Where he/she is heading, his speed, where the gun is aiming, if the gunfire is hitting the enemy, and so on. The player must then coordinate the brain’s interpretation and reaction with the movement in his hand and fingertips. This process may require a great deal of eye-hand coordination and visual-spatial ability to be successful. It can also enhance other skills like surgical and also flying skills. That why fighter pilots toady are more skilful is that this generation’s pilot are being weaned on video games. Another positive effects of video games, it can planning, resource management, and logistic. Where we can learn how to mange our resources that are limited and decide the best use of resources, the same way in real life, like money can be best use for needs. Video games can also be use for planning and architecture, that can help use to design buildings and houses. Another positive effect it can enhance our multitasking, simultaneous tracking of many shifting variables and managing multiple objects, for examples in
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