Positive Effects Of Violent Video Games

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Violent video games have been a popular pass time for American teenagers ever since the first ones were released. The most popular of these games are Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, Mortal Kombat, and Doom. It has become a popular belief that these games are directly linked to violent behaviors in our youth. Numerous scholars have set out to determine the validity of these assumptions through vast surveys and studies in America. All of these scholars share the belief that violent video games affect the minds of teenagers in some way, but they do not necessarily agree on whether the effects are constructive or deconstructive in the development of young minds. Russell Laczniak, author of Parental Restrictive Meditation and Children’s…show more content…
He includes a meta-analysis that shows positive linkages between teenagers’ violent video gameplay and aggressive behaviors (Anderson et al. 2010 qtd in Laczniak 2017). Adel Agina, author of Towards Understanding the Positive Effects of Playing Violent Video Games on Children’s Development, has an understanding of the effects of violent video games that is contradictory to those of Laczniak. At the beginning of her article, Agina pronounces her agreement that violent video games are negatively disruptive in the advancement of children’s thoughts and behaviors, but then goes on to express that the games do not have the same effect on teenagers (Chambers & Ascion 1987: Griffith 1999). She completed studies that on the Children’s Behavioral Regulation (CBR), which refers to “the level of the children’s speech use, the differentiation and difference between private speech, social speech, and thinking aloud, and the degree of the children’s self-regulation learning and satisfaction during learning tasks when children act alone and without any human-human interaction or social intervention during learning tasks” (Agina 2012). The results of her studies proved her beliefs that there are positive outcomes to playing violent video games. Violent arousal has a positive effect on development in young people, especially in thinking aloud and self-regulation (Agina 2012). A measure of
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