Positive Effects of Facebook on Society

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Abstract Many studies on Facebook and other social networking sites tend to focus on the negative effects of these websites on the society. Some of the major negative effects of Facebook that are covered in this analysis include privacy and safety issues, it's addictive nature, and the possible development of poor inter-personal relation skills by its users. Regardless of these negative aspects, Facebook has numerous positive effects on the society that are classified into social and economic benefits. As discussed in the article, the positive social effects of Facebook are facilitation of a sense of connection and community and its ability to enhance freedom and mobility. The major positive economic impact of this website is its improvement of the hiring practices and advertising strategies of organizations in today's society. Keywords: Facebook, society, benefits, impacts, effects, positive, negative, social, networking, website, online, site Positive Effects of Facebook on Society: Through social networking sites like Instant Messaging, Twitter, Facebook, Web Blogs, and Chat Rooms, the contemporary world provides many ways for people to connect socially than ever before. These networking sites are increasingly embraced by people, especially young people to communicate with others through posting information and photos about themselves. Since a person's social life lasts for twenty-four hours every day, social networking sites enables people within the society to
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