Positive Effects of Music Essay

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Music is an art form that usually combines singing with different instruments and rhythms. Many genres of music aid in interesting different people and different moods, so that everyone can enjoy it. Music does two significant things for us; it increases stimulation in the brain, and assists in coping with difficult situations. It’s hard to ignore the fact that music exists and is constantly evolving because it’s everywhere; from our homes to our cars, our cars to our school, from out school to our jobs, it’s even taught and discussed in schools! { It’s impossible to go through life without music because of how it is everywhere, but I can see why people would avoid it- Sometimes song’s lyrics can be offensive, violent, bombastic, and…show more content…
Studies have proven that brain stimulation occurs between 3,000 and 8,800 hertz, and most music falls between his range, and classical types of music are proven to accurately do this. Some people believe that only certain types of music do this, but studies have proven that any type of music with a tone, rhythm, and pitch will stimulate the brain, but most people do not believe this. Regardless of what specific type of music does this, it proves that music is important when performing tasks that require the brain, by stimulating it. Another important use of music is to aid in coping with situations that seem difficult. Everyone experiences many emotions, trials, and tribulations throughout life and not having something to aid you in getting through these trials can prove to be difficult, that’s where music comes in. Listening to songs that discuss similar issues and encourage the ability to get through, is proven to aid in this process and bands such as ‘Rise Against’ or ‘Shinedown’ are prime examples of this. This is known as relating to the music, and it makes the music so much more real, important, and moving. Next time you find yourself feeling sad, try listening to some music that relates to what you are going through and see how it helps! In conclusion, I believe that everyone should listen to music despite the negative things some genres contain such as violence, negative lyrics, and influencing
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