Positive Evaluation

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Two reasons for evaluation are to assess and improve the quality of a program and to determine the effectiveness of a program. To evaluate the program, summative and impact evaluations deem the best. An impact evaluation is described as the immediate observable effects of a program, it measures the knowledge, skills, awareness, attitudes, and behaviors. (McKenzie et al., 2013, p.376). Because the program intends to spark a behavior modification, this evaluation style works best. The impact evaluation can help to show the strengths of the program and what needs to be improved if the desired behavior is not achieved. A summative evaluation is described as measurements and judgements that draw conclusions about the benefits or impact of a program.…show more content…
Because majority of HIV prevention/intervention programs do not adequately address the incidence of HIV in the older adult cohort, this population is at increased risk for the incidence of HIV infection compared to that of the younger generation. Because older adults have preexisting comorbidities, effects of normal aging, and knowledge deficit related to the virus, their cohort would benefit greatly from the program. The program seeks to improve the knowledge of HIV incidence, prevalence, and transmission in the cohort, and seeks to improve thought processes diminishing the stigmas related to HIV as well as introduce risk reduction behaviors to this cohort to decrease the incidence of HIV. The use of module training to increase awareness on susceptibility, educate about factual and age-appropriate information, and incorporating risk reduction structures the program accordingly to support the needs of the cohort. This program also serves as a means of involvement for the cohort to get acquainted within their community. The success of the program will be guaranteed, and will be a great asset towards the 50 and over residents in the Baltimore City
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