Positive Factors In The Corporate Culture Of Zan Corporation

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This shift is not easy as many forces hinder the process both economical and politically and requires “focusing on internal positive factors” (Perlmutter, 1969:18) such as communication and unified corporate culture of subsidiaries and HQ (Gong ,2003:730). The Geocentric approach also depends on the mindset of an individual to initiate the process (Garrow, & Hirsh, 2008:400)thus requires orientation of HQ and subsidiaries for understanding the integration process which overcomes internal indifferences. Geocentric approach less concern towards the parent culture requires socialization strategy to control(Harzing ;Edstrom and Galbraith, 1977:369) which enables the “flexibility to accommodate the difference among foreign countries “(Caligiuri & Stroh, 1995:497) .Transfers and visits assist in promoting contacts between parent and subsidiaries…show more content…
Also accompanied high technical and reputational risk when there is no way to check hiring practices due to inadequate records. Defining budget for marketing and branding is that Zan corporation is relying on at the moment .So for the cost effectiveness and efficient branding Zan corporation sticking through centralized approach to exhibit control over strategy like “standardizing people management process to bring stability, governance and control to units” (Sparrow,2007:855). maintained centralized database track record of the candidate . This will enable to foster talent acquisition through identifying the skills and prescribed role definition which benefit the organization. Moreover , it is the platform to initiate employment brand across countries and development of employee value proposition which promotes the organization value and attract talent .Low cost by avoiding redundancies as control over the processes and policies sets by the HQ

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