Positive Impacts Of Mobile Technology

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According to James Kendrick, "Availability of mobile devices is rapidly spreading throughout the world and making significant improvements in many lives. " Mobile technology has a part in everyone's lives every day. Some people do not even realize how much technology they utilize daily. Mobile technology has a zombie effect on most people because they do not realize how much and how often they use their devices. There is so much more to mobile technology than selfie sticks, video games, and television. Mobile technology evolved into an amazingly positive impact on many lives globally.
Mobile Technology can help everyone communicate in many ways globally. Skype, Facetime, and Tango are a few ways for people to communicate with friends and family. Soldiers are especially taken the advantage of using mobile technology because they get to connect with their friends and family, whenever they are in different countries for an extended period. Many foreigners who moved to the United States of America use technology to communicate with relatives back home through video chats. People who travel to different countries and does not speak the native language can use their smartphone to translate for them. Facebook Instant messenger is another trendy way to send instant quick messages, make free phone calls, and play games with Facebook friends. Mobile technology can be therapeutic because it allows people to freely express themselves. Schools and businesses can also communicate with
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