Positive Influence of Hippies on Canadian Society in the 1960s.

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Positive influence of Hippies on Canadian society in the 1960s. Natasha Kelbas, Ms. Van Hatten December 17th 2009 CHC2D1-05 Hippies are the real activists of freedom who love each other in a positive way. The word hippies generally invoke sterotypes that involves drugs, sex and bare feet. Though it is true that many hippies did practice these sterotypes, they were people who fought for rights and freedom without violence. They gave up the traditional morals and values to promote new values that were about freedom of experssion and loving each other. After getting the attention, they expressed their needs, hopes and wants in a piercing yet nonviolent way. The hippies made great, positive changes to the Canadian society through their…show more content…
The second wave of feminism was the movement of the view of females in society the birth control, and divorce. There is controversy on how women are viewed in society. Some believe that they are the left hand to everything. “But no sooner had we started some small events, than some hippie look alike would begin distributing fliers promoting some leftist cause.”[4] Women were however very involved with the hippie movement. The anti-Vietnam movement of the hippies in Canada got women active politically, and these radicalized women noticed that there is so much more they can expand in.[5] The freedom over a woman's body was very limited up until the government leaglised the birth control pill. Women were able to speak out about their sexuality and be happy with the freedom they gained with the pill.[6] In the video one of the women, looks like a hippie because of her loose carefree hairstyle, and the beads that she wore. Compared to the other women who were very neat and elegant, this new type of female stands out as a hippie and therefore making hippies a positive enforcement of the introduction of the birth control pill. Flower power was another name for hippies and their sense of style which was carefree, down to earth and colourful. The carefree attitude was because hippies cared about issues that were not materialistic unlike the

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