Essay on Positive Influence of Violence in Video Games

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As many parents and educators like to emphasise, “Violent video games make kids more violent”. Video games affecting youth is a very debatable topic. Most people just come to that conclusion without acquiring any evidence or reason, but there are some reasons why this is a wrong assumption. I believe that violent video games are actually good for people. They allow them to have an escape from real life which is positive, the violence allows people (young people in particular) to think morally about what they are doing, and most violent games let children have fun with their friends.

Violent video games are good because they can let people escape from their real lives. Video games, especially violent ones, can let people do things
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Of course they have to be old enough, because very young children can be impressionable and do not have fully developed “morals”. These types of games do however, let children think about how their actions in the game would be tolerated in real life. This judges their morality, allowing issues to be seen from a different perspective. Some people imply that the child’s morals are affected negatively, due to them becoming adapted to seeing violent things: losing their sympathy. This again leads to the need for them to see the difference between the two “universes”. If they ever happen to actually see or experience the violence, it would most likely not make them any more humble to it. When a child plays a violent video game, the violence displayed or violent action they use, can be thought about. It can actually make them understand their moral thinking, helping them to better determine if they think their actions would be suitable in real life. Aside from physiological effects, violent games still come back to their original purpose.

The final reason video games that have violence in them are good for kids, is because some mainly let them play with friends. When it come violent games that are discussed considerably, like Call of Duty, Halo, or Battlefield, the violence is not even the main reason these games are played. If a young kid is playing Call of Duty, it is more than likely they are playing it because of the online mode. This lets them play
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