Positive Motivation And Motivation

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What is motivation? Motivation is described as the DESIRE to achieve a goal through the commencement or launching of goal-oriented behaviour. There are two ways that people are motivated, Positive motivation and Negative motivation.
Negative motivation is motivation that takes place because people are afraid of the consequences if they would be negatively motivated not to do something that would cause them anguish or guilt then they would be negatively motivated not to do something. Negative motivation is good if you see an alligator and react to get out of its way. Negative motivation should not be used to get a group of people or a person to do something. If this happens in a work environment on a regular basis it causes poor morale, high employee turnover, and sometimes even retaliation by the employees in the form of theft or destruction of property. Negative motivation is not a way that will motivate any group of people
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This is why workplaces, schools, and other environments try to incorporate positive motivation techniques into all of their activities. This seems to be far more effective for keeping people in line, especially children. These rewards create positive behaviour and children are more likely to pay attention, help others, and do the right thing. Adults act in much the same fashion. It does not matter whether you work on commission or on salary, you will work harder if you are encouraged in a positive manner.
When you think of the problems in your life, you may be dissatisfied that you haven’t made the changes that you could have. Most of us know that we could do more, we could work out, we could eat well again, we could get knowledgeable and find a better occupation but getting motivated is very easier said than done to do. But, instead of using negative motivation as a way to get something done, sometimes positive motivation works much
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