Positive Observation

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Audit Results
Positive Observations
The audit team took note of positive observations during the audit. Positive observations are typically where a particular practice stands out as providing a substantial level of regulatory diligence. Positive observations tend to be good examples that could be examined for emulation at other shops in the Program.
Positive observations noted during the audit included:
 The personnel at this facility were very accommodating and forthcoming. It was a positive culture in which to conduct an audit.
 A strong sense of camaraderie between the instructors, students, and the Program Chair.
 Tool inspection records were available and detailed. A central depository of tool inspection records would facilitate
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Performing workplace inspections as a group may provide an excellent opportunity for mentoring or coaching. Group participants may include: Chair, instructors, and students.
 Each work location should determine the frequency for their instructors completing work site inspections and observations.
 A number of interviewees were not sure if inspections were being completed in their area. It is recommended that the Program post inspection schedules and results for all staff to review.
 The shops had limited documentation of inspection training for their staff, it is suggested that the Program find some way to better track these training courses. It is also recommended that the Program adopt a standard whereby before any employee completes an inspection, they are trained so that they are better equipped to identify hazards and offer positive feedback to the site.
 There should be a tracking system to identify deficiencies and unsafe situations that will need to be addressed and to monitor the status of deficiencies.
Key suggestions for improving of the inspection form and
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The auditors would like to thank all employees of the Carpentry Program for participating in this safety audit process. Interviewees were very forthcoming and willing to share stories of how they utilize the safety program. A big thanks also goes out to members of the NAIT OH&S team for helping to organize the audit activities and gather the information to be reviewed.
Our OH&S audit of the Carpentry shop at NAIT in March 2017 identified a number of noncompliance findings and opportunities for improvement. Most of the audit findings represent relatively minor variances from regulatory requirements. Recommendations provided in this report aim to address each of the findings and improve OH&S performance.
The next requirement for the Carpentry Program is to develop an action plan to address all recommendations and key suggestions for improvements from this report. Also to determine appropriate corrective actions based on the auditor’s recommendations, assign the action with a time frame for completion, and make provisions for sign-off which includes a date when completed and implemented. Discuss the audit results with all staff and look
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