Positive Outcomes Via Health Screening

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Positive Outcomes via Health Screening With cost effectiveness and money saving seemingly being a keystone of health care in the United States, low cost preventative health care and screening programs are at the forefront of budgetary meetings in government agencies and boardrooms across the nation. According to a 2010 study of the cost effectiveness of preventive care, there is a possibility of savings of $3.7 Billion if current programs could increase use to around 90 %(Maciosek, et. al., 2010). While cost will always be a consideration, there obviously is the human element that must be addressed at the ground level. Inspiring people to use government or state funded programs is no easy task as the people who are not using them are the ones who need the programs the most(Dryden, et. al. 2012). Below is an exploration of some successful and unsuccessful programs, and some ideas on improving use of these programs by the people who need them the most. Women’s Preventive Health The “Every Woman Matters” program(EWM), is one of many government funded programs aimed at providing preventive maintenance and screening to populations considered more at risk and less likely to seek care(Backer, et. al. 2005). EWM provided women with a “clinical breast exam, mammography, and paponicolaou smear test at reduced or no cost”, it also provided the providers with assistance and incentives for participation(Backer, et. al. 2005). In the United, poor, uneducated males are the least likely
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