Positive Psychology Can Not Make Us Happier

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Positive Psychology Cannot Make Us Happier The question of whether individuals can create their own happiness without the aid of external influences has been raised and researched. However, the answer to the question is unclear. Positive psychology is a branch of psychology that supports the theory that an individual’s happiness is under their personal control, independent of any external influences or validation. Consequently, researchers have uncovered evidence that provides mixed results regarding the effectiveness of positive psychology in increasing individual happiness. For instance, evidence has been presented that does not support the theory that positive psychology increases happiness (Miller & Duncan, 2015). Miller and Duncan (2015) presented evidence from a study involving 55 participants, 29 females and 26 males, over the age of 18. They participated in a single blind controlled study to test whether positive psychology methods increased well being more than concentrating on gratitude. The participants were randomly assigned to either treatment group A or B or control group C. The participants’ subjective well being was tested before and after the study. The participants in the treatment groups (Group A and Group B) were invited to concentrate on things that made them feel happiness or gratitude. At the end of each day, participants were asked to reflect on their experience and to write three things in their notepad. The control group (Group C) were
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