Positive Psychology

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Positive Psychology-A Current perspective


Krishan Kumar

Dr. Rajiv Dogra

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Krishan Kumar, M. Sc, M. Phil (M& SP), PhD (Pur)
Clinical Psychology,
Computational Neuroscience
National Brain Research Centre, Manesar
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Dr. Rajiv Dogra
Associte Professor, Department of Clinical Psychology
Post Graduate College and Medical Sciences, Rohtak
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What is positive psychology? Positive psychology (pp) is the scientific study of optimal human functioning. It alms to discover and promote the factor that allow individuals and communities to thrive. The new century challenges psychology to shift more of its
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On the downside the other two fundamental missions were forgotten.
Thus psychology became a victimology. Human being were seen as passive foci on which external reinforcements either weakened or strengthened responses
Psychology focus in research was on psychological disorders and the negative effects of environment stressor such as parental divorce, death, grief, physical and sexual abuse. Practitioners went about treating illness within the disease patient framework of repairing damage, damaged habits, damaged drives, childhood and damaged brains.

A realization that dawned upon many psychologists was that were negative emotion taken to be as authentic and positive emotions as derived from it.possible explanations were given for it. Firstly, negative emotion and experiences were more urgent and therefore override positive ones. It was evolutionary in the sense that negative emotion often reflected immediate problems or objective dangers. They should be taken as powerful enough to force us to stop, increase vigilance and change our behavior if needed.
Secondly, there were historical reasons that when cultures face military threat, shortages of goods , poverty or instability, they may most naturally be concerned with defense and damage control.
During all this emphasis on
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