Positive Psychology Has Various Applications In Our Lives.

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Positive Psychology has various applications in our lives. One aspect of our life is what we do for a living and our jobs play a significant role in our overall happiness and fulfilment of life. What we do for work determines (in a way) who we are, and what we contribute to the world. It only makes sense that we enjoy what we do for 40 hours (or more) in a week. There have been many studies on how aspects of positive psychology being implemented impact organizations and businesses, and how productivity and enjoyment increase when there is a positive environment for employees to work in. In the workplace there are many detriments to morale, organizational commitment, and productivity. There are a lot of factors that lower the amount of…show more content…
2016.) When this occurs the employees organizational commitment is significantly decreases and therefore they are not as committed to their work and not as productive as they can/should be. This can be the complete death of moral and even more, workplace ostracism increases intention to leave. Another way that employees cope with ostracism is to have an abundance of psychological capital that is established and reinforced outside of the workplace. Psychological capital is a group of resources defined as high self-efficacy, optimism, hope and resiliency. Having all of these resources will enable us to work creatively, efficiently, and creates a positive working atmosphere with others. In 2009 Larry Froman observed a post 2008 economy crash workplace environment (Froman 2010) Froman observed that because of the fear of job loss, the economy in a depression, and little job opportunities created a negative workplace environment that help decrease productivity. Even though this study was done almost 10 years ago, the core traits are still present in today’s workplace. From Froman’s study, an all-encompassing question about positive psychology in the workplace surfaces. How does positive psychology not only diminish the increasing stress of the US economy but also helps people flourish? Because of the fear of job loss, negative work environment, and a poor market
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