Positive Psychology Influencing: The onset of a Positive Lifestyle and Positive Health

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Positive Psychology Influencing The Onset of a Positive Lifestyle and Positive Health There have been numerous studies in the realm of Positive Psychology and the effects it can influence in other sectors of a person’s overall wellbeing, especially in terms of attaining a positive mindset and treatment of negative general disorders, the short term benefits of a positive psychological outlook and the long term health and lifestyle benefits that are produced from it. In a 2006 journal article, Park, Peterson & Seligman stated that character strengths that were most associated with positive life satisfaction, and thereby positive psychology attaining a positive lifestyle, were hope, zest, gratitude and love. This paper examines how a person…show more content…
With that in mind, the first step on the road to creating a more positive psychological mindset is to change one’s outlook on life, as Seligman (2002, p.69) puts forward that those who do not express negative emotions but instead use different strategies to cope with the stresses of life tend to be more positive in themselves. Attaining a Positive Mental State To enact a change in a person’s psyche, they first must make changes in their lives that benefit them and promote happiness and wellbeing. In their journal article Lyubomirsky, Sheldon, and Schkade (2005) stipulate that what determines the happiness of a person is determined by a mixture of 40% of intentional activity that a person commits to, 50% a genetically set point of how happy a person is, and 10% by actual circumstance. This means that despite a person having a genetic factor that can influence how happy they can be, half of what determines the happiness that they feel in their life is easily influenced by the person themselves. Steps to start this positive change are often by starting small and working towards a goal that for the person will attain them long term happiness and by doing so gives them purpose; a reason for them to get up in the morning and a reason to keep on moving forward. Seligman (2002, p69.) proposes a way to achieve what thinks of as the Pleasant Life is for a person to think constructively about the past and
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