Positive Ranking of Cannabis

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Because of the copious amount of medical data on the benefits of Cannabis, its low addiction rate and its lack of negative side effects make Cannabis fit the schedule 2 substance instead of the schedule 1 ranking.The earliest uses for cannabis date back to ancient China. It was used for medical remedies. Currently there is scientific evidence to back up the claim that it can help fight illness, including cancer. This has been hypothesized by many in the scientific community. But not until recently have studies been completed ranging from large-scale case studies to testing on animals. The evidence is becoming increasingly common that cannabis reduces tumors in animals as well as in humans. A study done by Harvard Medical shows that it reduced the tumors. "Cumulatively, these studies indicate that THC has anti-tumorigenic and anti-metastatic effects against lung cancer." This was an experiment that used cannabis to treat cancer in mice. The results were that there was a significant reduction of lung cancer in mice. Harvard Medical concluded that the two anti-tumor properties of cannabis, anti-proliferative and anti-androgenic, have beneficial effects in the cure of lung cancer. When used in treatment, the substance, THC, does not compromise human cells. "THC (5mg/kg body wt.) was administered once daily through intraperitoneal injections for 21 days. The mice were analyzed for tumor growth and lung metastasis. A significant reduction (approximately 50%) in tumor weight and

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