Positive Reinforcement Of Increase Daily Water Intake

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I. POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT TO INCREASE DAILY WATER INTAKE This study, conducted as a requirement for an introductory psychology course, was an investigation of how learning principles such as reinforcement and punishment could be applied to improve conditions in everyday life. In particular, I was studying to see if positive reinforcement would help me to increase my daily water intake. Conceptually defined, daily water intake is the act of drinking water by mouth on a day-to-day basis, in order to keep body cells hydrated and functional. The positive reinforcement I used was a treat of bite-sized Hershey bars, a candy of chocolate. I had hypothesized that I would remember to drink water more often during the day if I rewarded myself for remembering during the intervention period. II. METHODS I was the conductor and subject of this study, which took place over a two week time period. I had collected my baseline data for five days from November 9th to the 13th. Then, I collected my intervention data for seven days between November 15th and 21st. The basic procedure I used during the collection of both of these data was, I set up timers on my phone in eight intervals of two hours throughout the day from 7am to 11pm each day. The timers were set ten minutes into each interval. For my baseline data, if I remembered to drink water before the timer went off, I would record my result as “Didn’t go off” on my data sheet. If however the timer went off before I remembered to drink

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