Positive Reinforcement

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The concept of positive reinforcement is the most powerful and practical tool ever devised in the history of applied psychology. Positive reinforcement is defined precisely in keeping with how it works. Its definition is actually as straight forward and simple as it is counterintuitive (Cappa & Kahn, 2011). Positive reinforcement in my opinion can't fail to profile and maintain positive behavior and to replace negative or problem behavior. If parents don't harness this simple but powerful technique, it's very likely that a negative peer culture or some other influential source will. Positive Reinforcement works because it gives children positive goals to work towards instead of only focusing on negative consequences to avoid.…show more content…
Positive punishment is used in reinforcing behaviors; it is the addition of an aversive stimulus or activity as opposed to negative punishment which removes an incentive as a result of the problem behavior (such as time out). As such, spanking specifically is not condoned in the field of psychology as there are other methods found to be more effective and pose less risk. There are other forms of positive punishment that don’t involve physically aversive stimuli that could be looked into like ‘time out’. However, there is a difference in spanking and beatings. A spanking in my opinion is 3-5 swift firm pops to the bottom when a child has misbehaved and has been told repeatedly that he/she is to stop doing whatever they are doing. I can honestly say that I can count on one hand the times I have spanked my children, and it has been if one of them could have caused harm to themselves. Example of one incident is when my oldest crossed the street and his younger brother just ran after him without looking both ways. He received a spanking, because he could have been hit by a car and it was so he would know not to do it again. I am a fan of punishment by removal, always have been in raising my children. I would rather remove a toy, or take away TV or game privileges rather than hit. To be honest my kids would rather take a spanking than lose their games. So in my household it is more effective to punish by removal. When my children were younger it was a matter of minutes or
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