Positive Reinforcement Used With Children Of Disorders

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Positive Reinforcement used with children of disorders Katelynn Sullaway Northwest Vista College Class: PSYC 2308 Positive reinforcement used with children of disorders Reinforcement is used by parents, caregivers, and adults to show children the desired behavior. Positive Reinforcement avoids using punishment, yelling, degradation (Boyd & Bee, 2009). Reinforcement has been around for years and has been used around the world by generations of parents. It is a familiar term in modern society. There are many examples of research that support the positive effect reinforcement has on children. This research paper is written using three sources that cover the research of reinforcement in children with disorders. The three articles used for this assignment refer to children with Autism, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and the diversity of disorders among special education classrooms; including cerebral palsy and down syndrome. Pediatric News 2016, are urging pediatricians treating children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) to recommend behavior therapy before prescribing affected children with medication specifically for those patients. ADHD is a “behavior disorder that causes children to have difficulty attending to and completing tasks, as well as controlling impulses” (The Growing Child pg. 308). Behavior therapy is taught to children using reinforcement and disciplinary skills to improve the child 's behavior. The article
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