Positive Relationships Between Teachers And Students

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People often ask me “How do you teach” and I just reply with a smile. To teach means more than to lecture or explain before a group of students. Teaching is getting to know your students farther than academics, getting to know them personally so that you have a better understanding of who they are. The teacher and student combo that has the qualities of good communications, respect in the classroom, and show interest in teaching from the point of view of the teacher and learning from a student will establish a positive relationship in the classroom. A good bond must start from the day the student enters the classroom until they leave the classroom. Positive relationships between teachers and students can determine student success or failure. Marzano (2011) notes that “Positive relationships between teachers and students are among the most commonly cited variables associated with effective instruction” (p.82). It is important that, we as educators, recognize the impact we have on our students. Teachers have a big responsibility and that is to not only meet the needs of the students academically, but to meet their needs emotionally as well. When a classroom environment is created and it promotes positive vibes it can channel everyone’s energy to be successful and reach their desired goals. My students and I have built a bond where they know they know when we can joke and laugh with one another and when it is time to get busy with work. Often times some teachers try to be
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