Positive Risk Taking Essay

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Support positive risk taking in everyday life

Explain ways in which risk is an integral part of everyday life,

Risk for most people is an accepted part of everyday life e.g. catching a bus or walking to the shop etc... will carry some element of risk. Risk is associated with our health, safety, security, well being, employment, education, daily activities, using resources and equipment and community participation. Some adults such as those who are disabled or who are older are usually discouraged from taking risks with their budgeting, planning, employment and their daily living skills usually because people fear for their limitations or that they might hurt themselves or others. Everyone has the right to take risks and make
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Reasonable risk is about balancing empowering people who need help to make their own decisions, once they have all the information, that is tailored to their needs so that they make their best decisions.

Involvement of service users and relatives in risk assessment, to involve the resident, nearest and dearest is one of the most important parts of the person centered approach. The people involved with the resident will help gather information in framing of what the risk actually is, in thinking, generating ideas and solutions, by evaluating the solutions, in decisions making around the risk, in implementing the actions and by the learning that takes place during these actions. Staff must make note of the residents and others wants, their views on their owns risk and what responsibilities each person has in managing their own risk effectively. The person Centered Approach will meet this by asking for a clear picture of what the person is wanting to achieve, why it is important, what the outcome would look like, a history of the risk, the decision making agreement tools to look at staff roles and responsibilities and who will be responsible for the different decisions relating to the risk.

Positive and informed risk raking, This particular process is formed around the
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