Positive Sides Of Unrestricted Internet Access

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Positive sides of unrestricted internet access:
Necessity of unrestricted internet access can be figured out by the positive effects of internet into our daily life. Now-a-days, a person can’t think about life without internet.
1. Faster Communication
2. Abundant Information Resources
3. Entertainment
4. Social Networking and Staying Connected
5. Services
6. E-Commerce
7. Inexhaustible Education
Some of the positive sides are described below:
Faster Communication
Communication is the primary aim of internet. It has shined outside the hope. Internet is the greatest invention of mankind 's for communication yet. Modernizations are going on to make it faster, more reliable.
In a fraction of second, we can communicate with a person who is
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For example, Websites such as eBay allow customers to bid, buy, sell, and even auction products online.
Inexhaustible Education
The Internet has turned into a necessary propagator of knowledge, both through free as well as paid services. The reliability of this shape of education is usually established through the quality and validity of satisfied presented by each website. The World Wide Web has become a remarkable avenue for the academically unprivileged, to amass greater knowledge and know-how on subjects [Pakhare, J. (n.d.). Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet. Retrieved October 1, 2014.].
The complete scope of distance education has extended. This is because, the increase of accessibility to videos of teachers giving lectures, showing diagrams and explaining concepts are much like a real classroom. Nonprofit organizations have websites to seek volunteers and donations in order to need. Some sites are dedicated themselves to spreading knowledge among the people of all age groups. For example: Wikipedia, Coursera, Babbel, Archive, and Teachertube.
Negative sides of unrestricted access to Internet:
Freedom is something many take for granted, especially when it comes to the Internet [COLE, C. (n.d.). Risks of unrestricted access to Internet - Roland Technology Group. Retrieved October 1, 2014.]. Some countries figured out some risk of freedom in internet access.

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