Essay about Positive Television

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Many people are aware how powerful and influential the media are. Over the past 30 years, the delivery and scope of mass media have changed dramatically. It have became a major influence shaping the attitudes, values, and behaviors of children, but unfortunately very often in undesirable ways. According to the essay "Family Counterculture" by Ellen Goodman, it even came to the point that parents are forced to say "no" to almost everything the media offer. In fact, the majority of parents perceive television as a promoter of passivity, consumerism, and violence. No doubt, some of the programs and ads on TV can distract kids from normal childhood activities like reading, playing, spending time with families, socializing with …show more content…
Discussing feelings can seem less risky when they are focused on characters in a favorite TV show or movie.

Television is also playing a great role in forming positive social attitudes among children. Children learn about themselves and the world around them from observing others. Therefore, their attitudes and behaviors can be influenced by simply viewing televised materials. For instance, when Sesame Street appeared on television, children were introduced not only to a variety of furry, lovable creatures, but also to a cast of racially diverse characters, which reflected the rich ethnic and racial diversity of the world. According to the latest polls conducted in schools, children of all races agree that it is important to see people of their own race on television. It tells them that people of their race are important and equally included in society. Moreover, I believe, ethnically diverse programs teach children to respect and treat each other regardless skin color or racial identity. Foe example, shows such as Mr. Dressup and Mr. Roger's Neighborhood promote positive social behavior by encouraging children to share, ask questions, and resolve conflicts peacefully.

Finally, I believe in the media as a great source for role models. Depiction of well-developed characters and
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