Positive Thinking Is Not Enough ! By Design : The Power Of Small Decisions That Are Shaping Our Destiny

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Positive Thinking Title Research
Positive Thinking: Positive Thinking is not enough! Positivity by design: The power of Small Decisions that are shaping our Destiny
Chapter 1: One your way towards positive Psychology
a) Science matters
b) Is it Helpful?
c) It can influence your destiny
d) Repetition works

Chapter 2: Stand out with positive Psych
a) The realisation of the bad environment
b) Training your mind!
c) Train your confirmation bias
d) Does it work?
e) Cultivate your new mind-set

Chapter 3: Experiment and take action
a) Realisation of the new positive environment
b) You give you receive
c) New positive signals
D) How to get people to like you

Chapter 4: Draw upon that Higher Power
a) Preview of how to be happy
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I figure that there is a problem itself with that thinking pattern, it wasn’t enough. The signals that I was receiving everyday ‘Hey just think positive’ I was positive, I was ambitious, I was in other optimistic until something happens and BOOM things get negative again, or something would happen and suddenly I would have a reach for food, for a cigarette for the television set, everything that was quick and instant looking myself in places that I wasn’t meant to be.
Most of us think that thinking positive is going to change our lives, I am here to tell you that positive thinking is nice and something extraordinary but it doesn’t last long, it’s not enough!
By the time at I was thinking about it, it was already late, I was already in reaction, and I wasn’t fixing the root cause.
We live in a stimulus response world where we receive constant information unconsciously, we receive signals and then they are getting established in our mind it’s like commercials and adverts.
It is this powerful force that dictates our behaviour and our responses in this stimulus response environment.
You have got to understand this that every single action we take, as little as it may seem has an effect on our life. If doing you exercise every morning is still totally negative in your nervous system, it isn’t going to change until you conditioned yourself to feel differently, every time that comes up no matter how positive you think
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