Positive Thinking in Romeo and Juliet Essay

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Have you ever been in a bad situation where the only thing you can think about is the negative things? It happen to many people because it is so much easier to point out the bad then be thankful for the good. Just like how people say its easier to see the flaws in someone rather than their strengths, its the same concept. And there are many different things you should see it in. Books, movies, people, school, and just life in general. But if you can just start to see the good in things then it becomes easier and easier to see. And one of the most legendary, tragic plays of them all still has some positive things in it. Even if like I said they are a little are to find! There are possibly more positive things you could get out of Romeo and …show more content…

Next, the second positive thing that came from Romeo and Juliet is that they were able to find out how much people cared about them because of what they were willing to do. One of the biggest examples of this is Friar Lawrence. He was the one that married them even though he could get in really big trouble for doing that. And after Romeo was exiled he hid and counseled Romeo so that he could see Juliet that night. On pg. 881 lines 155-159 Act III scene iii Friar says to nurse, concerning Romeo and Juliet, saying, “ Go before, nurse. Commend me to thy lady. And bid her hasten all the house to bed. Which heavy sorrow makes them apt unto. Romeo is coming.” That is the friar explaining the plan for Romeo to see Juliet that night before he is banished. Then he counseled Juliet after her dad told her she was going to marry Paris. He even came up with the plan to make it so Romeo and Juliet could be together. He clearly played a huge role in the play and did many things for them because he loved and cared for them. Another person that knew about all the secrets between the kids and their families was nurse. And she kept the secret for a long time going along with it. But towards the end of the play she got selfish and turned on Juliet. Finally, the last positive thing that came of Romeo and Juliet is that the two families stopped fighting. The whole play was formed around the fact that Romeo and Juliet couldn’t be together

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