Positive and Negative Effects Media Has on Society

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The more the society has grown, the bigger the market of media has been developed. There are both positive and negative impacts media has on society. Media affect how we learn about our world and interact with one another. Media literally mediate our relationship with social institutions. We base most of our knowledge on government news accounts, not experience, because we are quick to turn into a blog and get all the false information. We are dependent on the media for what we know and how we relate to the world of politics because of the media-politics connection. These sites provide different resources such as email and instant messages in one place. Availability of these resources makes the communication easy and faster. The media may be an influence, but each person has free will. They can follow the influence of the media or create their own path. We all know that news programs on TV provide us with the most current events going on worldwide; however, it is already a fact that the same events are interpreted and shown differently in different countries. Before the news can be shown on TV they are altered in order to satisfy somebody’s needs. Thus, it is possible to say, that a process of “inventing reality” does really exists. Media should be a mirror the way things are set up. It should look right back at us when we are turning into media as a fast way. There are several things that can be done over the internet, TV, video games, and cell phone. Of course the world
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