Positive and Negative Effects of Mobile Phones for Teenagers

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Mobile phone is a device which allows its user to make and receive telephone calls to and from the public telephone network which includes other mobile phones and fixed line phones all around the world The use of cell phones has dramatically became a new age of convenience for billions of people around the world. Teenagers are the majority of mobile users in the world. Mobile phones have become one important part of a teenager's life. The usage of mobile phones has re-shaped, re-organized and altered several social facets of life (Ravidchandran, S. V., (2009)). When focusing on teenagers’ mobile phone usage, literature has provided evidence for both positive and negative effects of mobile phone on teenagers. In this high-tech world a…show more content…
Students tend to bring their mobile phones to the exam halls and make use of the scientific calculator provided in their mobile phones during exams. They even save various information in it which would help them during the exam. Many of them even use it to send answers for objective questions to those who are present in the examination hall, which may not even be correct. They tend to send false information to other students as well. This can end the student's career if caught, as exam malpractice is taken very seriously by all schools and universities and it is a punishable offense. Usage of mobile phones affects the behavior of teenagers as well. It can totally lead to destroying a student's life. The usage of data and the services provided through a mobile phone can be used in bad manner.These mobile phones are multi-media in nature this way the teenagers download and watch all sorts of useless and bad influencing videos and movies, which due to curiosity will allow them to practice the same. For example the obscene contents on the internet and even the camera of mobile phones can be used for bad purposes and disturb a persons privacy. They captivate wrong ideas into their head through the information available on the internet.Teenagers ten to easily get attracted to such wrong ideas in their age. Where mobile phones have a lot of negative effects, on the other hand it has
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