Positive and Negative Effects of e-learning for Students

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POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE EFFECTS E-LEARNING FOR STUDENTS Nowadays, E-learning has become an increasingly popular approach to learning in higher education institutions due to the rapid growth of Internet technology. As we can see, most higher education institutions using e-learning to improve the education of students and enhance their technology skills. E-learning can give us a lot of positive effects, especially students; however, the technological content was twice the decline and needs. Computer technology, especially the development of network technology includes both great conveniences to human activity, life, education and negative influences. So far, if e-learning is considered as the main way of learning, it will generally have…show more content…
As a result, a teacher cans provide valuable information, lecture or share one or the other learning experiences with his Students. Second effects are, e-learning also can Helpful for self-evaluation students. Self-evaluation means looking at your progress, development and learning to determine what has improved and what areas still need improvement. Usually involves comparing a "before" situation with a current situation. Self-evaluation usually occurs among students because they will always compare themselves with their friends through assignment or drills that are given by the lecturers. This is nice work; there will be healthy competition between them. With the advent of e-learning they'd be thrilled to do a good job in a timely manner as determined by the lecturer and possibly also some students would be vying for the information that has been shared by their lecturers. Here we have a few methods for self-evaluation, first, self-monitoring. Its means after each class, ask yourself whether you met your pre-determined goals and objectives, and evaluate what aspects of your learning were good and what could use improvement. Create a brief self-evaluation form to help focus your evaluation, and keep a log to track your progress and improvement over time. Second, audio and video recording, its means Record your each presentation and review your
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