Essay on Positive and Negative Effects of the Columbian Exchange

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Although Columbus's revelation of the New World to the Old World caused deadly diseases to both hemispheres, a loss of preservation of native American culture in the New World, and the unhealthy effect of tobacco in the Old World, it made an overall positive impact in lasting terms by the introduction of religion and horses and cattle in the New World and the new agriculture advancements and alpacas. The Eastern-Western hemisphere encounter was obviously positive in the Western hemisphere because of the fact that most of us here would have never been born, but the introduction of religions made a lasting impact. Most Europeans were religious and wanted to share their faith with the natives. Some people also came to escape religious …show more content…
By integrating so many Old World ideas, it became harder and harder to identify their true culture. Even today, one could go to an Indian reservation and see only a few people who carry as much original native traditions as possible, but none of them can because some of the new ideas were so hidden, like horses, that it's hard for even a person who is majority Native American to dissect his or her culture to its purest form. Other countries still have bright culture that they hold on to and can be recognized by. The Old World was affected negatively by the New World, but not in such a harsh way. They came back with less than half the diseases that they brought. Many people were killed by the sicknesses like yellow fever, but not in any kind of comparison to the Native Americans, and the diseases they brought were nothing to the Black Plague that so many had heard about so it didn't affect them as much as natives. Tobacco, although it may seem small, was an unnoticed problem for Europeans. It soon became a necessity. Both chewing and smoking affected their heath and is even a problem today. The negative effects on the Old World are significantly less severe than on the New World. The Old World had a huge advantage over the Native Americans because they could see a native's actual life and almost everything about them while the New World didn't originally have that benefit. Because of this, the Europeans got many agriculture ideas and foods from
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