Positive and Negative Outcome of Globalization

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Globalization has been taking place for centuries .The appearance of globalization can been seen from colonization to industrial revolution. The impact of globalization towards economy, technology and business can been explored in many ways. Particularly, globalization has an enormous impact on global textiles and apparel industry. Since definition of globalization varies to different people in different field, this paper attempt to define the word ‘’globalization’’. Many studies have been conducted in regards to positive and negative outcome of globalization(Lu , 2012; Shen , 2008). The impact of globalization towards textiles and apparel industry had been analyzed in both positive and negative perspective. In case of global textiles and apparel industry, it has created jobs in developing countries. The knowledge and technologies, which shared among countries, is another better side of globalization. However, it also given rise to the exploitation of human and natural resource. Exploitation of workers well being and scarcity of natural resources have been discussed in this paper. The textiles and apparel firms face more challenges in this globalization era.
The challenges in means of adopting technologies and competing with various trade agreement systems to compete with each other apparel and textile manufacturer countries been studied in this paper. To overcome these challenges, textile and apparel firms taking steps those are not environmental and social friendly. The
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