Positive and Negative Psychological Effects of Television Viewing

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Positive and Negative Psychological Effects of Television Viewing The use of electronic devices such as television, computers, tablets, cell phones, and video games has become the main feature of recreational activity for the youth. And considering the heavy use of such devices by children and adolescents these days, it is worth exploring psychological effects of such devices. It is beyond the scope of this paper to look at the effects of all these devices, so the subject of this inquiry is only the effects of TV viewing. Based on recent psychological studies of the impact of TV viewing on cognitive performance, it may be argued that non-educational TV programs negatively affect cognitive performance skills of TV viewers, while educational programs affect viewers positively. This is especially the case with regard to children and adolescents since they are at the age where their cognitive performance abilities are growing fast. One recent study exploring the effects of television viewing on cognitive performance of college students found that short-term effects of viewing high- and low-arousing films and video games temporarily inhibits memory performance. The researchers conducted an experiment on 117 university students, asking them to recall pre-learned items after being exposed to low- and high-arousing films. The researchers then measured their ability to concentrate. The results showed that the more high-arousing the media content was, the less likely the
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