Positive and Negative Views of Nursing Homes

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As the population of the United States increases so will our older adult population. This population consists of individuals 65 years old and above. “ By 2030, the number of United States adults age 65 and older will more than double to about 71 million (CDC, 2012). This suggests that more people of older age will need services whether medical, financial, etc. These services include nursing homes, which are private and state institutions that provide residential accommodations with healthcare. However, nursing homes can provide resident accommodations for older individuals who are still under the age of 65, but that is only a minute portion of the residents that reside in these facilities. According to the National Care Planning Council, 91 percent of the 1,650,000 United States nursing home residents are over the age of 65. With the future increase of older adults there will be a need to place them in safe and reliable facilities that provide healthcare for when and if they can no longer care for themselves, have family to care for them, or either cannot afford personal care at home. Research Question The positive and negative views and ideas of what a nursing home is and does for an older adult vary. You may find someone who thinks nursing homes are one of the greatest creations man ever made, while another thinks they are just a form of imprisonment for our older population, and there may also be others who stand neutral about the creations and use of nursing homes. The
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