Positive or Negative Impact of Stress on Students

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University is known to be inherently stressful and demanding which in turns leaves little time for students to relax. (Lee & Graham, 2001; Firth- Cozens, 2001) Stress can have a negative or positive impact on a student but it all depends on how they perceive it. An individual’s response to stress is determined by whether they see it as a challenge or a threat. This determines whether a person will take an active or avoidant or active strategies to cope with a situation. The way in which a student perceives academic stress will determine how they cope with it. It has been proven that some level of stress can be adaptive even considered healthy. (Seyle, 1956) This stops us from becoming an apathetic species but too much stress or chronic stress can have significant effects on both mental and physical health. It had been proven to reduce life expectancy. (Houtman, Jettingtonhoff , & Cedillo, 2007) When the stressor interacts with the individual’s perception of the stressor it results in a reaction that is responsible for the adverse effects of stress. Stress is the result of an individual’s perception that lack the tools to cope with a particular situation from the past present or future. ( Lazarus , 1993) The individual tends to feel overwhelmed an unable to cope. ( Agolla & Ongori, 2009) These adverse effects include high blood pressure, low metabolism which is linked to development of type 2 diabetes and heart problems. (Houtman, Jettingtonhoff , & Cedillo,
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