Positives And Disadvantages Of Social Networking

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Social networking has a lot of positive effects on todays society like how it allows us to be able to communicate with people all over the world and how it enables us to learn about a lot of different things we would have never known. It also is a good way to get your name out there if you are searching for a job, but it also has a lot of negative impacts on today society and some of them are very serious. For example social networking can lead to cyber bullying, identity theft, and much more. To start off social networking can cause people to not really even know the difference between real friends and just ones they meet online. Teenagers will have over 1,000 so called friends online that they haven't ever had a full conversation with and they will value them as much as they…show more content…
There is a study that says facebook can lower teens grades by 20% and that's just one social media site that is used among many. If just face book can lower grades by 20% it's hard to imagine the grades of people that also use instagram, snapchat, twitter, etc. I think this is because phones are a huge distraction the way they light up every time a notification comes in. Teenages are automatically going to check what it says and even if they only mean to be on their phone for a couple seconds it turns into an hour of staring at the screen. Even when I do homework I have to put my phone across the room or turn it off because I know that I will spend to much time on it and never get my homework done. Another reason I think social networking is making grades go down is because people are getting so used to just skimming through posts on instagram and reading tweets really fast on twitter that they do that all the time now even at school. If they are reading a book they will just skim through and not know all the details of what happened which definitely affects their
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