Positives And Negatives Of Technology

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The purpose of this research is to identify the positives and negatives of technology. Those positive and negatives include healthcare, jobs, education, and the environment. The aspects of technology are rapidly changing forcing us worldwide to adapt to those changes. The study concludes that technology could harm out environment with possible pollution in the air and could potentially lead to job loss in the future. The larger technology becomes workers are increasing their productivity, but median income jobs are becoming scarce. But some of the positives include virtual classrooms that allow students to learn from home. Technology and health information are connected through patients researching information online about their health. This is crucial because there 's risk that involve patient security, but health electronic records make it easier for employees to keep up with patient records. In order for us to determine how technology should be integrated in our lives, we have to analyze the positives and negatives that come with a technological advanced future. Technology is changing the way we live as humans and it will continue to. It changes the way we understand our surroundings and how we interact as humans with one another. It influences our modern life in many ways and as it keeps advancing many are wondering if we can keep up. These effects are positive, negative or even both. Technology impacts everything, but it has a large impact on the future of the
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