Possible Changes in a Review on Personal Criminological Theory

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Possible Changes Abstract The Abstract should be in a single paragraph and under 175 words, as according to the APA 6th edition guidelines. The Abstract of thee paper should not have references to other sources, as this adds too much details that should be reserved for the actual body of the paper, thus making it sound repetitive. There should be a little more of a definition for social disorganization theory, based on its importance within the body of the paper. The last sentence has a grammatical error in that the list is separated with semicolons and not commas. It should be as follows: In this paper you will read about the explanation of crime occurrence and why people commit crimes, variables to be considered, the assumptions social disorganization theory is based on, and the methodologies used to evaluate social disorganization theory Introduction The second two sentences both start with the word when. The should be adjusted as follows: When such surroundings act as a rich fodder to crime and delinquency, children born in such neighborhoods are more likely to engage in crime. As such communities become incapable of realizing common goals and solve problems that their residents face, there is a very high likelihood that its residents will engage in criminal activities (Sampson & Grove, 1989). Explanation of Crime Occurrence and Why People Commit Crime There needs to a broader topic sentence that introduces the reader to the topic being presented. Consider
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