Possible Difficulties In College Essay examples

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The results of going to college the very first time vary with different people. Some people will be frightened by the way of life change, and the transition from living with family to being by their selves. On the other hand some people will be ready to move on, and to proceed with their future, and will jump at the moment to take another class that will better themselves. College will provide difficulties around every corner but will also provide the opportunities to go around those difficulties to succeed.
When in an online college a difficulty may arise where a class will interfere with outside activities such as work and will usually temporize with their school work. Furthermore a student, with the change in scenery and
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Likewise participating in class after work will lessen the number of hours that will be used for outside activities with friends and family. This may cause some people to feel overworked and become frustrated, which may cause the student to loose sight of the overall picture.
On the contrary some people will find college easy due to their ability to adapt to a different environment. They will rely on friends and fellow schoolmates to push them along until the end. For instance a student may tell all of his friends about what classes that they are taking, and what assignments are pressuring them. As a result of this method friends will constantly interact with them, pressure them into completing the classes on time and completely, and will usually provide an input of idea’s and knowledge in for the assignments. Sometimes in classes there may be an assignment that will be to difficult to complete based on knowledge, however the ability to go to a classmate and ask for help, or even call a family member with the knowledge in a certain subject, will always be an available tool. Similarly online is a great tool, schools will provide a forum or a chat room to interact with classmates, and will usually provide a section for specific homework in order for students to post questions, ultimately this will provide the opportunity for the class to input ideas and see the required steps upon
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