Possible Improvements to the Appeals Process

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Appeals Process Paper The United States system of criminal justice actually goes far beyond the beginnings of American government. The system is based on the English system, and the same is followed by governments around the world. This paper deals with the appeals process, how it fits into the criminal justice system, what can be done to improve the system, and follows an actual case through the US system. What is an Appeal? Basically an appeal is designed to give a litigant a second chance at a decision. It is like a second opinion from a doctor. The US Courts website (2011) states "The losing party in a decision by a trial court in the federal system normally is entitled to appeal the decision to a federal court of appeals. Similarly, a litigant who is not satisfied with a decision made by a federal administrative agency usually may file a petition for review of the agency decision by a court of appeals." Every time a decision is made in a lower court it can be appealed to a higher court as long as that higher court agrees that there is a reason for the appeal. The United States Supreme Court is the final rung in the ladder of the appeals process. So, an appeal is a stated desire by the loser of a lower court decision to have their case reexamined by a higher court. Appeals and the Criminal Justice System Court cases, both criminal and civil begin in a regional court which makes a decision based upon the law that governs that particular region and that specific
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