Possible Psychological Effects of Alzheimer's Disease to the Family of Bedan Financial Management Students

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Chapter 1 The Problem and Its Backgrounds Rationale Mild forgetfulness and memory delays are often part of the normal aging process. Older individuals simply need more time to learn a new fact or to remember an old one. We all have occasional difficulty remembering a word or someone's name; however, those with Alzheimer's disease will find these symptoms progressing in frequency and severity. Everyone, from time to time will forget where they placed their car keys; an individual with Alzheimer’s disease may not remember the purpose of the keys. Its starts in memory problems that interfere with daily living and steadily worsen and gradually aggravates with having difficulty managing money, driving, orientation, shopping,…show more content…
Hypothesis For care giving families with Filipino families, help depends on not allowing themselves to feel stigmatized by the problem, ashamed to admit that a member has Alzheimer's, and perhaps afraid that their time will come. Children in the household may be especially vulnerable to stigmatization and not want friends to visit. Even if the diagnosis is open, some families have difficulty accepting such a major change in their lives. For instance, in families with traditional gender-role attitudes, the wife whose husband has Alzheimer's will probably have to handle the family finances and other decision making, and her husband may become resentful; or the husband who has never cooked may have to take over in the kitchen, much to his ill wife's dismay, and perhaps his own, as well. A good relationship between caregiver and recipient, one that maintains the recipient's self-respect and dignity, is the key to success in role change and care giving. A good relationship, however, depends much on communication, and communication between caregiver and Alzheimer's patient can be difficult. But it is possible, and caregivers who find effective ways to communicate increase the quality of both their own and their charges' lives. Importance of the Study There can be considerable racial and cultural differences in how families deal with Alzheimer’s disease. In fulfillment to making

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