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AUCA is one of the best universities in Kyrgyzstan. Probably, it is such because it has got good teachers, American style and system of education and it is equipped with really good technologies. Still, as the university expands, more new students come than graduate, less frequently updated and increased in number computers start to become a problem. Right now there are more than one thousand students studying in AUCA, while in the computer laboratories there are over 100 computers available. Not talking about the time of exams, even in usual time it is always hard to sign up for the computer time. Students are complaining about the computer lab all the time. There are not enough computers and not enough time per student - these are the…show more content…
For instance, if I, as an average student, start writing the essay the day before the deadline, won't be able to find a computer to type my essay, I will get an F grade for this paper. The same situation may become worse when it is time close to midterm or even final exams. Obviously, when students can't use their time on computers to fulfill their needs or wishes, they start getting angry about it, and this is no good. Usually, there are no people in the laboratories early in the morning, so the problem is not an emergency. Nevertheless, during the midterm week, I don't even try to use a computer, because time is money, and it takes a lot of time.

Indeed, as everything else in the world, this situation has its own causes. First, the clearest and first to think of cause is that there are not enough computers for everyone. That statement also breaks up into two causes - too few computers, or too many students. There are about a 100 computers available for students, not counting library computers, and more than 1000 students. Second, there is not enough computer time per student allowed. Ordinary student can use the computer for one and a half hour, while a Software Engineering student can use a computer for three hours (which, of course, makes sense). Third, wrong computer time management is a cause of lack of computers problem. Again, it leads us to two different situations. Students may use their computer time to play games and chat online and be happy, but
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