Possible Uses for Robots for Search and Rescue Missions

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INTRODUCTION OF THE SYSTEM This journal consists of how the intelligence robots could help to save lives at disaster site. In recent years, the numbers of natural disasters are increasing and we still rely on old technology method to find or locate any information in search and rescue activities. To enhance our search and rescue operation, we’re supposed to create the more effective and efficient equipment to help rescues to detect or search any victims. The robots become easily to navigate through use in search and rescue operations. However, the several organization already actively themselves to participating in designing and development and keeping doing the research to coming with new idea to enhance the equipment. Because of it, Albert Ko and Henry YK Lau has come out with the proposal to upgrade the security system with introduce the design and application of wireless sensor network prototyping system for tracking and rescue mobile robot that acts as a tool to detection. Wireless sensor networks can also help to analyze and track the location of the signal strength for this robotic system can detect the autonomy to rubbles to detect human body heat using thermal array sensor. This research demonstrates us how the wireless sensor network can track search and rescue robot in an open field and how the Zigbee module role directly involved to developed of this system .The intelligent robot equipped with this sensor will be attracting and become getting more attentions

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