Post 9/11 Islamophobia

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The act of disregarding fact, evidence, proven studies or statistics in favor of the approval or acceptance of one’s peers is a toxic trend, brought on by an over-correction to post 9/11 Islamophobia. Being able to differentiate between personal prejudice and proven study is detrimental towards ending intolerance, allowing society to move forward, in establishing peace and prosperity.
“99% of Muslims; The overwhelming majority of Muslims reject Sharia law and Muslim extremism”
-Barack Obama The vast majority of Muslims do not support terrorist organizations, many hold extreme beliefs that an average, non-Muslim would consider radical. While it is toxic to make wild assumptions, such as “all Muslims support terrorist organizations” it is equally
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Prior to the recent San Bernardino shooting, multiple neighbors had noticed suspicious activity, originating from Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik’s residence. Not only was there a high volume of package deliveries to said residence, but neighbors also claimed to have noticed late night operations and suspicious work occurring in the garage. In lieu of what they had noticed, all witnesses failed to report any suspicious activity to the authorities, in fear of being labeled “racist.” The irony of the matter being that one could argue it’s more prejudice to not report suspicious activity because of one’s assumption about the culprit’s political, religious, ethnic or spiritual identity. I believe we can confirm, beyond a reasonable doubt that debate, discussion, research and evaluation of such topics would provide a net positive to progression in society and create a much needed reform of religious extremists. While generalizations and false assumptions should be frowned upon, studies/statistics which reflect proven, quantifiable metrics should be discussed further in a civilized manor, without fear of
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