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The Post-American World We have entered a new age of economic growth. Fareed Zakaria explains in his bestseller, “The Post-American World”, that we are currently experiencing the third power shift in 500 years. In “The Post-American World”, Zakaria shows us where America stands when compared to rapidly growing countries. America can no longer hold its position of acting director on the world stage with countries rapidly catching up. It is now America’s duty to provide suggestion pertaining to problems arising of rapid growth. We can no longer police the world. “The world is moving from anger to indifference, from anti-Americanism to post-Americanism. The fact that new powers are more strongly asserting their interests is the reality of…show more content…
He focuses on China and how it has awakened from its nap and dormancy to challenge the United States. China has slowly modernized itself with gradual reforms and it gains its strength in the form of Confucian ideas of practicality, ethics, and rationality. China also has a non-combative style of foreign policy. Compared to the United States, it does not act as an interventionist demanding reforms. Zakaria also spends time discussing our ally, India. India has a strong regionalist political system placing high priority on regional interests rather than national interests. Some of India’s major advantages are its ability to protect private property, its established rule of law, private sector, and India is home to many smart English speaking businesspeople. In order for the United States to cohabitate with the upcoming global giants, it has two choices: stay the same and fall belly up, or rediscover its purpose. In order for the United States to continue to succeed it must follow a strict guideline of rules. The US must “Choose” the important issues to address instead of attempting to address them all. This is impossible without the required resources to tackle so many issues. The US must “Build Broad Rules not Narrow Interests,” meaning it must recommit to international institutions and mechanisms. The US must “Be Bismarck, not Britain.” Washington is currently suited to play a Bismarckian role amount major powers in the global system. Zakaria states that

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